Cookies Policy

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that are stored on your device when you visit certain websites, including ours. Any information in the Cookie that is classed as Personal Data is managed according to our Privacy Policy, which you can read here.

Cookies on the John Sankey website are split into four categories:

1. Essential
We use these cookies to provide you with the services that you have requested, for example, to save items in your basket. We also use these sorts of cookies to keep the site secure. Without them, key bits of the site wouldn’t work. If you choose to disable all cookies in your browser the John Sankey Website will no longer be accessible on that browser.

As these cookies are strictly necessary to provide the services you request, and to keep your online data secure, these types of cookies are automatically enabled.

2. Performance
We use these Cookies to report on the usage of the Website and any problems that occur when using it. These cookies do not collect any Personal Data, as all of the information is anonymous. We use the information from these cookies to help us improve how our website works.

3. Enhanced
These are used to reflect your preferences, enable your Wishlist, as well as improve your browsing experience. For example, when you log into your account on the Website, your selections will be saved.

4. Social Media and Advertising
We use these Cookies to show you tailored adverts on other websites. De-selecting these cookies may result in seeing advertising that is not as relevant to you. They’re also used to measure how well our adverts are performing.

The Network Advertising Initiative has provided consumers with a tool to opt-out of these sorts of cookies. You can access the NAI’s website at Your Online choices also give you ways to control how you are targeted with advertising online.

Cookies we use

Here’s a list of the third parties we use on the website, who set cookies on your device, and which categories they fall into:

1. Performance

  • Google Analytics
  • Pingdom

2. Enhanced

  • Hero
  • Google Optimize

3. Social Media and Advertising

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Content Square
  • Rakuten Affiliates
  • Fresh Relevance
  • DoubleClick
  • AdWords
  • R3engage

How can you manage cookies?
You can manage the cookies that we set on your browser by clicking ‘Manage Cookies’ at the bottom of the page.

To manage cookies set by third-party advertisers you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s website (explained in the section on ‘How we use cookies’).

You can also manage your cookies in your browser settings. Most browsers are automatically set to accept Cookies, however, you can alter the settings of your browser to prevent automatic acceptance. Please be aware that completely disabling cookies will restrict your access to the Website.